Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's today?

If you have looked at the tab titled 'daily ink-spiration' than you know that I have designated each day of the week with an artistic vision in mind.  Here is what I hope to see in the future here on kpink:

Mixed-Media Monday- a day for sharing any type of art journaling, altered arts & collage work. A day where anything goes!

Trading Card Tuesday- a day for artist trading cards & all forms of aceo's (art cards editions and originals) generally these little goodies are 2.5 x 3.5 inches...remember good things come in small packages! 

Watercolor Wednesday-the day for all types of watercolor painting techniques, but not just watercolor, watercolor pencils and acrylic paints too!

Think Ink Thursday-a day devoted to all things inky! There are so many types of ink out there-this day is to explore the various types of inks and many different applications.

Freebie Friday-freebies, goodies and give-a-ways posted on this day!

Sketch Book Saturday-ideas from my sketchbook or photos of the latest project in progress from my studio (or maybe yours?)...

Sample It Sunday-Learned anything throughout the week? We will sample it here on this day!

Well these are my ides for my (almost) shiny and new blog! I am still working on things and figuring things out, so please continue to hang in here with me.

For today here is my latest artistic experiment (in progress, as you can see)! It is a digi stamp image that I have printed very lightly and am using traditional watercolor to paint. I want to see if I can make the stamp lines completely disappear. I think it is looking good so far. If it works like I hope, when I finish I will post a finished photo and a tute!

x's & o's


  1. this will be gorgeous when done and your blog will be tons of fun! looking forward to playing here!

  2. I love your work in progress...what a great idea to watercolor a digi image. Until I read to the bottom I thought it was an original drawing, so now I'm thinking this might be a project I'd like to try (I have zero drawing ability). Thanks for sharing and thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  3. omgosh! trying to read all your plans for the blog but my eye kept getting drawn back to that gorgeous watercolor owl! Beautiful!!!

  4. Gorgeous painting kristen! Never thought to print the image out lightly - wat a great idea :)


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