Saturday, April 24, 2010

Projects numbers 1, 2 , 3 and 4...

Okay I know that this is a paper crafts blog...and I AM definitely crafting with some paper!!! I know I have been 'off' on my ink-spiration calender and a little slow out of the gate getting everything that i envisioned up and running. For any of you who are looking for all the crafty tutorials and artsy information that I promised, please just bare with me! I promise I will get to it :) I thought I would post some pictures to show you that I am not being a slacker LOL...see?
1) life size self portrait on plexi-glass-painting reflection
2) 22x36 final watercolor painting in progress

3) poster done in Ai for Geography class (finished today)

4) working on new stamp is a quick sketch
and here is an inked sketch...

 1) is for my figure drawing class and as you can see is barely started ugh! 2) is for my painting class and is about a third of the way done. 3) the poster is done but I still have an 11 page paper due by Friday...another ugh! 4) working on a new 'line' of art nouveau inspired stamp images, with only one sketched, I think I have a ways to go!!
These are all the things I am working on in my final days of classes :) So PLEASE hang in there ...arsty /crafty things are on the way!
x's & o's
thanks, as always, for looking!

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  1. Great to see you here tonight,'ll get there! : )


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