Tuesday, April 13, 2010

all mixed up!

Well I know my 'calender' of daily ink-spiration is all mixed up LOL! You have to bare with me because I am still trying to get the creative team coordinated and all the 'bugs' worked out! As most of you probably know, nothing goes as planned and so I am just going with the flow! This all is supposed to be fun and not something to get stressed about :) Anyway, I figure, as long as I have some great stuff to post, it probably doesn't matter what day of the week it is.  And I DO have something cool to post! My lovely friend, Sarah,  has sent me another beauty. Just look at what she did with my growing tree digi stamp....oooh and aah, right?

Here is what she said about making this card:
"I downloaded the tree image then printed it out onto a piece of textured white card.  I followed the lines of the digi image with my sewing machine.  Dropping the feed dogs (the zig zaggy metal bits under the foot that feed the fabric through as you sew) and putting a darning foot on the machine, rather than a regular foot, means I can move the paper where I want it, following the lines of the tree.  Once I'd done this, I turned the card over and used a needle to prick some holes, and sewed beads onto some of the 'branches'.  I then mounted this piece onto folded white card - a simple yet elegant card.  Voila!!"

Please visit Sara http://sarahanderson1.blogspot.com and give her some blog love  ;) Thank you Sarah! Love it!

x's & o's

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  1. wow... looks lovely... love the embossed effect...



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