Friday, April 9, 2010

I hate sending you away...

Yes it's true. Even though you just got here, I am sending you away to another blog.
Go here: modepodgerocks !!! Because Amy (I call her Amy -zing) posted a craft and cool new product
(dimensional magic) and blogged about (blush) me!! If you have been to Amy's Mod Podge blog, well then, you know it ROCKS!! If you have not been, you definitely need to go. She posts such fabulous projects, tutorials and give-a-ways. It's a staple blog for any craftist!

Amy's Card with Dimensional Magic and my clear stamps!

...please come back this weekend for new artwork and a tute!
x's & o's


  1. Thanks for the new link, I now have it bookmarked!
    Thanks also for coming by my space!!!

  2. I have found your blog through Amy and I LOVE your artistic spirit. You are so creative!


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