Monday, April 26, 2010

...and project # 5

Here is number 5 on my I forgot to post yesterday! But it was a biggie. It is my "Master Study"
The assignment is to study a piece of artwork from a known artist and recreate it as closely as possible.
It took me over 9 hours to complete. I am really happy with it. It is Matisse's La Persane (The Persian Woman) - lithograph 1929
okay after this I promise I will stop posting my school work!!! LOL

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Projects numbers 1, 2 , 3 and 4...

Okay I know that this is a paper crafts blog...and I AM definitely crafting with some paper!!! I know I have been 'off' on my ink-spiration calender and a little slow out of the gate getting everything that i envisioned up and running. For any of you who are looking for all the crafty tutorials and artsy information that I promised, please just bare with me! I promise I will get to it :) I thought I would post some pictures to show you that I am not being a slacker LOL...see?
1) life size self portrait on plexi-glass-painting reflection
2) 22x36 final watercolor painting in progress

3) poster done in Ai for Geography class (finished today)

4) working on new stamp is a quick sketch
and here is an inked sketch...

 1) is for my figure drawing class and as you can see is barely started ugh! 2) is for my painting class and is about a third of the way done. 3) the poster is done but I still have an 11 page paper due by Friday...another ugh! 4) working on a new 'line' of art nouveau inspired stamp images, with only one sketched, I think I have a ways to go!!
These are all the things I am working on in my final days of classes :) So PLEASE hang in there ...arsty /crafty things are on the way!
x's & o's
thanks, as always, for looking!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i love atc's

I just love these little simple works of art...I really, really want to get some kind of aceo swap going
(anybody interested please comment..) in the meantime since I am all messed up on my "ink-spiration" calender( yeah so far it's not really happening the way that I planned!! LOL)! Anyway, I thought I could go ahead and post this a.t.c. it is just a little sketch I had and I thought it was really sweet and so appropriate for this time in my life right now!

thanks for visiting and have a happy & creative day.
x's & o's

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

prototypes are in!

I am SO excited my new clear stamp sets came yesterday! They are just prototypes but they are great! I am only making one small change and then I will place the order!! I am sorry if this seems like a giant ad for my's just that I am always so excited to see the my artwork come in a new and different form :) Please tell me what you all think!
a little birdie told me...clear stamp set by, me!
clearly from owl of us ...clear stamp set prototype!

These will be available for sale on Etsy...but I only have a couple of each until I place the order...which will be about 3-4 weeks!
thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments!
x's & o's

Monday, April 19, 2010

my colorful life...

Here is the watercolor collage painting I have done for my painting class in progress. I  know it does not  seem like self portrait at first glance.... It had to be a representational self portrait and so since hands have a lot of meaning in my life (being an artist and nail tech for many years...) I started with words and quotes that had to do with hands and went from there...

and here is my finished piece:

I wanted to share this since it is "mixed media monday" and although this painting is approximately 16x20 it could easily be scaled down for card making or as a smaller, composition for framing. I have used a variety of papers, and techniques and even used rubber stamps!
I will share the process and all the watercolor texture techniques here on watercolor wednesday
happy creating...x's & o's

Friday, April 16, 2010

to gnome me is to love me...

Hand carving stamps is one of my favorite things to do. I mostly carve small, simple designs and I just do whatever strikes my fancy! I don't have a lot of extra time but I try to steal  a few moments here or there to carve a couple of things at least once or twice a week.
I was too tired this evening to work on any big projects, so I decided to have a glass of wine and carve a gnome...

x's & o's

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

from my sketchbook...

Here is one of my bedtime doodles. I am going to make her into a stamp image.What do you think?
here it is colored!

x's & o's


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

all mixed up!

Well I know my 'calender' of daily ink-spiration is all mixed up LOL! You have to bare with me because I am still trying to get the creative team coordinated and all the 'bugs' worked out! As most of you probably know, nothing goes as planned and so I am just going with the flow! This all is supposed to be fun and not something to get stressed about :) Anyway, I figure, as long as I have some great stuff to post, it probably doesn't matter what day of the week it is.  And I DO have something cool to post! My lovely friend, Sarah,  has sent me another beauty. Just look at what she did with my growing tree digi stamp....oooh and aah, right?

Here is what she said about making this card:
"I downloaded the tree image then printed it out onto a piece of textured white card.  I followed the lines of the digi image with my sewing machine.  Dropping the feed dogs (the zig zaggy metal bits under the foot that feed the fabric through as you sew) and putting a darning foot on the machine, rather than a regular foot, means I can move the paper where I want it, following the lines of the tree.  Once I'd done this, I turned the card over and used a needle to prick some holes, and sewed beads onto some of the 'branches'.  I then mounted this piece onto folded white card - a simple yet elegant card.  Voila!!"

Please visit Sara and give her some blog love  ;) Thank you Sarah! Love it!

x's & o's

Monday, April 12, 2010

tray chic :)

I made this little catch-all tray and wanted to share it with you! And here is a tute to go with it if you would like to make your own...

you will need:
1) Nouveau Background Digi Stamp 
(of course you can use any image or images you like :)
2) Oval frame (I got mine at the local craft store for $1, but if you have one or can pick one up at a thrift shop-even better!)
3) four wooden knobs (I also got these at the craft store for about $1)
4) Alcohol markers (such as Copics but I used Prismacolors and Tria)
5) scissors
6) acrylic paints
7) paint brushes
8) decoupage medium (I use mod podge gloss)
9) piece of cardboard
10) piece of fine grit sand paper

Here are my supplies:


                                  color in your image and cut out to fit inside your frame
  set aside the image and paint your frame. I painted a coat of Eucalyptus green, followed by a light dry brush of ivory. I let this dry and then I painted over it all in gold and then I sanded it lightly all over and sanded it a little more i certain spots to make it look a little distressed....I did the same thing to the wooden knobs, like this:
                                put the image into the frame
   cut and place the cardboard into the back & secure it into place (I also did paint the back for a more finished look)
                           glue the knobs onto the back to make "feet"
  coat the frame and the image with a couple of even coats of podge let dry thoroughly...tick tock...
                                ta-da! a useful, handy, pretty tray!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's today?

If you have looked at the tab titled 'daily ink-spiration' than you know that I have designated each day of the week with an artistic vision in mind.  Here is what I hope to see in the future here on kpink:

Mixed-Media Monday- a day for sharing any type of art journaling, altered arts & collage work. A day where anything goes!

Trading Card Tuesday- a day for artist trading cards & all forms of aceo's (art cards editions and originals) generally these little goodies are 2.5 x 3.5 inches...remember good things come in small packages! 

Watercolor Wednesday-the day for all types of watercolor painting techniques, but not just watercolor, watercolor pencils and acrylic paints too!

Think Ink Thursday-a day devoted to all things inky! There are so many types of ink out there-this day is to explore the various types of inks and many different applications.

Freebie Friday-freebies, goodies and give-a-ways posted on this day!

Sketch Book Saturday-ideas from my sketchbook or photos of the latest project in progress from my studio (or maybe yours?)...

Sample It Sunday-Learned anything throughout the week? We will sample it here on this day!

Well these are my ides for my (almost) shiny and new blog! I am still working on things and figuring things out, so please continue to hang in here with me.

For today here is my latest artistic experiment (in progress, as you can see)! It is a digi stamp image that I have printed very lightly and am using traditional watercolor to paint. I want to see if I can make the stamp lines completely disappear. I think it is looking good so far. If it works like I hope, when I finish I will post a finished photo and a tute!

x's & o's

Friday, April 9, 2010

I hate sending you away...

Yes it's true. Even though you just got here, I am sending you away to another blog.
Go here: modepodgerocks !!! Because Amy (I call her Amy -zing) posted a craft and cool new product
(dimensional magic) and blogged about (blush) me!! If you have been to Amy's Mod Podge blog, well then, you know it ROCKS!! If you have not been, you definitely need to go. She posts such fabulous projects, tutorials and give-a-ways. It's a staple blog for any craftist!

Amy's Card with Dimensional Magic and my clear stamps!

...please come back this weekend for new artwork and a tute!
x's & o's

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a Sponsor for The PDC!

So many exciting things going on...I can barely come up for air! This week I am a sponsor for The Play Date Cafe! Please check out all the lovely creations their design team has created using these colors for their inspiration 
I am thrilled to take part in their blog this week and in honor of the inspiration colors and their cafe theme I made this little card using my Hot Beverage digi stamp!

SO head on over to the PDC and give 'em some blog love for another inspirational week!

x's & o's

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

trading card tuesday

Here is an aceo i did for you! As you know I have dubbed Tuesdays as Trading Card Tuesday! Please share your aceo's with me so that we can inspire each other ! The mere size and nature of an art card is so fun and freeing! Later on I will show you a few different things you can do with these little goodies...for now I have to run!
x's & o's

Monday, April 5, 2010

one day old(er)

Well I am one day older and my blog is just one day old! Yesterday (even though the post date says April 3rd it was really April 4th...) was SO fun. I had so many wonderful birthday wishes and got my first 24 followers here on kpink!! Wow! I am just feel thrilled about that :) It has been a crazy few days pulling it all together but I feel pretty good about it and I know that it will continue to grow, change and evolve...I have decided to keep my other Wordpress blog, and just use it to post my paintings and robots and other artsy ponderings, as my friend Sarah Anderson would say, "moodlings"!  And speaking of Sarah, she sent me this artwork she created using a couple of my images...I am just over the moon! I just ADORE how she make my images look so artsy!!
This is what Sarah said about this piece, " I printed the nighty nite owl digi image onto a collaged sheet I made on a Dina Wakely workshop ( and cut it out.  I also printed it onto some plain white paper and coloured her head feathers and leaves with adirondack paint dabbers.  I cut these out and added them to my collage owl before adding gold paint dabber to her heart and beak and brown paint to the branch.  I put the layers together using  a glue stick before adding black stitching".

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me or Congratulations it's a blog!

Whoo-Hoo! Thank you for stopping by my new blog to celebrate my birthday with me! I guess it is a birthday in more ways than one, as it is also the 'birth' of my new blog! I really sort of feel that way because putting this all together in such a short amount of time, in between family and school and work, certainly has been a labor of love!
Just two short months ago I began my Etsy stamp shop and decided I wanted a blog to accompany it. After thinking about it long and hard and talking to many wonderful, creative and supportive friends, I decided that yes I did want a paper arts blog to help compliment my new on-line shop, but that I did not want it to be all about me and my stamps. I wanted it to be about creativity and the love of paper and art and the many different forms that those things take. That is why you will notice a huge diversity in our senior creative team. From a U.K. designer that teaches art journaling to an internationally known watercolorists to a card maker that creates strictly for the love of paper crafting to some blogger/crafters and crafter/bloggers and a few of us in between, we have a foundation for one of the most diverse creative teams in blog land! So it is definitely not all about me.
Sure, I will give my stamps and my designs a plug where I can. And sure this site is bound to have a look that reflects a bit of me, after all, it is my head, hand and heart that has brought it 'to life'. But more than anything it is a place to come and check in if you have a passion for paper, a love of all things artsy and the craving to craft something with your hands.
I am really glad you came by. I hope you find something or someone here an inspiration and that you will  share your thoughts your creations too! Please follow along and visit often....