Monday, April 12, 2010

tray chic :)

I made this little catch-all tray and wanted to share it with you! And here is a tute to go with it if you would like to make your own...

you will need:
1) Nouveau Background Digi Stamp 
(of course you can use any image or images you like :)
2) Oval frame (I got mine at the local craft store for $1, but if you have one or can pick one up at a thrift shop-even better!)
3) four wooden knobs (I also got these at the craft store for about $1)
4) Alcohol markers (such as Copics but I used Prismacolors and Tria)
5) scissors
6) acrylic paints
7) paint brushes
8) decoupage medium (I use mod podge gloss)
9) piece of cardboard
10) piece of fine grit sand paper

Here are my supplies:


                                  color in your image and cut out to fit inside your frame
  set aside the image and paint your frame. I painted a coat of Eucalyptus green, followed by a light dry brush of ivory. I let this dry and then I painted over it all in gold and then I sanded it lightly all over and sanded it a little more i certain spots to make it look a little distressed....I did the same thing to the wooden knobs, like this:
                                put the image into the frame
   cut and place the cardboard into the back & secure it into place (I also did paint the back for a more finished look)
                           glue the knobs onto the back to make "feet"
  coat the frame and the image with a couple of even coats of podge let dry thoroughly...tick tock...
                                ta-da! a useful, handy, pretty tray!!


  1. oh i just knew this was going to be fun when julie renae told me about you! totally awesome!

  2. Love your art Kirsten, thanks for following my blog too ! This little piece is fab !

  3. ooooh now isn't that a bloody marvellous idea!

    It looks awesome. Thanks for the tute too.


  4. Very good idea. Thank you for shared it with us. I love this simple and practical subjects.

  5. How cute! What a great repurpose!!


  6. This is something one would buy at a very expensive shop!

  7. so creative! you have a truly artistic mind!


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