Wednesday, April 21, 2010

prototypes are in!

I am SO excited my new clear stamp sets came yesterday! They are just prototypes but they are great! I am only making one small change and then I will place the order!! I am sorry if this seems like a giant ad for my's just that I am always so excited to see the my artwork come in a new and different form :) Please tell me what you all think!
a little birdie told me...clear stamp set by, me!
clearly from owl of us ...clear stamp set prototype!

These will be available for sale on Etsy...but I only have a couple of each until I place the order...which will be about 3-4 weeks!
thanks for looking and I appreciate your comments!
x's & o's


  1. Wow, Kristen! Your stamps are just WONDERFUL!! No wonder you're so excited!... CONGRATULATIONS! :)

  2. Oooh....can't wait to hook up with these! I'm your stamper : )

  3. Oh how wonderful, and exciting to see your art in a stamp. You have to be proud and should show it off. Congratulations sweetie! Would love to play with them.

  4. I stamp too :) ;) wink wink!! I love love love these, and if I was you I'd be jumping up and down and shouting to the world, before going back and stroking them lol!!!

  5. I have always loved your stamps. These are great.

  6. Love these stamp designs....especially the peacock, how impressive is he?!

  7. You must be SOOO excited seeing your ideas come to life like that Kristen! They are FAB, love the owls, they are just too cute! Congratulations!!!

  8. I love them! Great job. Your artwork is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it!


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