Sunday, December 1, 2013

Drum Roll Pleeeeease...

The winner of the Soul Food Class is:

the winner of the soul food class
YAY!! Congratulations Tracey Fletcher King! 
Thank you all for your commenting and playing! I wish I could have given a spot to each and every one of you.
I hope that you will take the time to check out Soul Food and consider signing up. It is going to be an  amazing class and YOU deserve amazing!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Would you love to?

I just want to ask you if you have checked out Soul Food?

If not, then you should!!

If so, are you taking it?

Wouldn't you love to?
click here to find out what's on the menu!

If you are not yet signed up and you would love to WIN a FREE spot...
then leave a comment here!

Winners will be chosen on November 29th 2013 and announced here and on the soul food class fb page!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday, October 18, 2013

On Being a Dreamer...

                                                            ©kristen powers
I admit it. I am a dreamer. A big dreamer. Though most times I don't dream in my sleep. I have heard it said that everyone dreams in their sleep, but if I do, I rarely remember a thing. My dreams occur while I am awake. I guess they call those daydreams. I daydream often. In fact, every day I find my mind wandering off to another place and time. My daydreams lead me into stillness and yet they are vivid and colorful. What I find truly fascinating is that they are, most times, filled with visions of my paintings and things I want to create, filled with my hopes and goals and my heart's desires

My kids don't like it when I daydream. They accuse me of not listening and they get annoyed when they have to say, "Mom!" more than six times to get my attention. But I cannot help myself. Maybe they call it 'spacing out' but I know that it is matters of the soul calling to me to give those things my full and undivided attention. 

I know from my own experiences in life that  dreams can and do come true. I believe that daydreaming helps to call your wishes forth and gives them a gateway to manifest.

I am so pleased an honored to have been asked to participate in this on-line course, Dancing with your Dreams! I will be joining eleven fantastic artists and dreamers in this amazing course. For my part I will be offering a watercolor lesson called "Painting your Daydreams and Fulfilling your Wishes: A Portrait in Believing Your Dreams."
I hope you will consider joining us and dreaming with us!
Please leave a comment and tell me your best dream (night or day) for a chance to win a spot in this unique and visionary course.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Moon Landing!

Well it certainly has been a crazy year! For those of you who know me personally or through social media, than you probably know that I moved to a new town and bought a rubber stamp company in September of 2012! Since then, I have been in another world, trying to get settled and navigate my way through relocating and organizing a new business. It has been crazy, challenging and exhilarating! Did I mention crazy?
Yeah. But it's been good. Really good. I have had a few meltdowns, of course and I have had moments of doubt and a few sleepless nights. But you know what?
It has been, literally, a dream come true. I wouldn't trade it for the world!
So now you know why I have been a bit absent. But I am back and ready for take off!

Please take a look at the ALL NEW RubberMoon Arts Blog and follow us too!

Thank you for your continued friendship and support.
I love you to the moon and back!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stencil Girl Blog Hop! Mary Nasser's Compass Stencil

It has been quite some time since I have blogged! I was so happy when Mary asked me to participate in this blog hop (just the thing to get me blogging again!) 
So, welcome to the StencilGirl Map Blog Hop!! If you arrived from Nancy Curry's page, you are in the right place.  If not, you can follow the list at the bottom of my post and start from the beginning.  
I am so happy to join in on sharing Mary Nasser's wonderful new stencil designs and honored to be a part of this StencilGirl blog hop with so many talented designers and artists. I have loved Mary's map collage art for years and was super excited when I heard that she was going to have some designs I could get my hands on! The hardest part was choosing which stencil to use (since one is never enough!!). Finally, I chose the Compass  M041 stencil, shown here:

I decided I would use a Rubbermoon Stamp (well, of course I did!) 
I thought my favorite "new moon" stamp would fit perfectly in the center of the compass stencil and it did! It also went with the theme and colors I had in mind.  I, then, chose a small 4 x 4 panel and prepared it with wood icing texture and gesso.

I painted the panel with two shades of blue acrylic paint, like this:
After the paint dried, I wiped and scrubbed of some of the paint with a baby wipe to make the texture show a bit more and give the piece a more translucent look. Then I placed my stencil on the panel and used a dauber to spong a mixture of white and metallic baroque paint through the compass stencil...
After this step, I used white acrylic paint to stamp the ink spatter stamp and I stamped the new moon image into the center. I painted and shaded the moon with white and blue acrylic paint and added hand written words, "Find your True North."
I added a hanger to the back of my little painting and hung it right away!!
Voila! I hope that you have enjoyed my portion of this fun blog hop....

Mary Nasser will be doing a giveaway for this hop – giving away a set of her  four new stencils. ALL the comments on each blog participating will be eligible for the drawing. So what do you do?   All you have to do is leave a comment by 11:59 PM Central Time on October 4th. The more blogs that you comment on in the blog hop, the more chances you have to win.  Plus, you don't want to miss any of these wonderful blog entries. Have Fun and good luck! Thank you for joining all of us!

Here is the Blog Hop Order for October 2nd :

StencilGirl Talk