Friday, October 18, 2013

On Being a Dreamer...

                                                            ©kristen powers
I admit it. I am a dreamer. A big dreamer. Though most times I don't dream in my sleep. I have heard it said that everyone dreams in their sleep, but if I do, I rarely remember a thing. My dreams occur while I am awake. I guess they call those daydreams. I daydream often. In fact, every day I find my mind wandering off to another place and time. My daydreams lead me into stillness and yet they are vivid and colorful. What I find truly fascinating is that they are, most times, filled with visions of my paintings and things I want to create, filled with my hopes and goals and my heart's desires

My kids don't like it when I daydream. They accuse me of not listening and they get annoyed when they have to say, "Mom!" more than six times to get my attention. But I cannot help myself. Maybe they call it 'spacing out' but I know that it is matters of the soul calling to me to give those things my full and undivided attention. 

I know from my own experiences in life that  dreams can and do come true. I believe that daydreaming helps to call your wishes forth and gives them a gateway to manifest.

I am so pleased an honored to have been asked to participate in this on-line course, Dancing with your Dreams! I will be joining eleven fantastic artists and dreamers in this amazing course. For my part I will be offering a watercolor lesson called "Painting your Daydreams and Fulfilling your Wishes: A Portrait in Believing Your Dreams."
I hope you will consider joining us and dreaming with us!
Please leave a comment and tell me your best dream (night or day) for a chance to win a spot in this unique and visionary course.



  1. I have had several vivid and meaning-filled dreams! My favorite will always have to be the one where my native american great-grandmother visited me after her death. We were browsing through what seemed like a "garage sale in heaven" - she loved garage sales :), and she told me it was okay that I wasn't able to make it to her funeral (a snowstorm prevented me).
    I woke up and cried. It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to her!

  2. The dream I choose to share with you Kristen is this: I was walking and floating through a room of tantilisng colour. Every direction I turned was alive and vibrant with shimmering shades. All the hues of the rainbow ..and if it could indeed be possible ...more. These colours were shinning like rays of light from a distance source. The room was draped with layer upon layer of fabric ...a maze of soft silks. As I continued through the room I was swathed with beautiful softness. ..both of vision and touch. I was alone in my dream but not alone. It was as though I was being carried and protected. I woke up with an overwhelming sense of peace. I go back to that place in my day dreams now. I remember it as clearly as though I dreamed it yesterday.... It was infact more than twenty years ago.

  3. What an amazing course! I would love a chance to join in!

    I happen to be a Dreamer, fact, the dragonfly (which is the Keeper of the Dreamworld in lore) has long been my totem animal.
    I don't seem to recall my night dreams very often....but when I daydream, I seem to find myself walking through a forest. We visit the Redwoods every summer...and it is there I renew and refill my soul energy. I think my mind just naturally takes me to where I feel most alive :)

    ....helps make it through some of the days when I'm just completely drained...haha!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I have dreams where I am awakened from my sleep by my husband sitting on the bed. I feel the bed go down where he is sitting. He comes by alot. This morning in fact he came by and pulled the covers off my feet because they always get hot. He used to say I was like sleeping with a hot brick. I guess he still thinks so. I always feel good when he comes by.

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  6. my dream is one that i dream about when i am awake. it is to become an talented artist. i have loved art for so long and am just now putting my toes in the water. i have been surrounded by it for so many years....ex husband was a graphic designer, my significant other was an art professor graduated from art center with a full ride..he is amazingly talented. now i volunteer for charity wings as assistant donation coordinator so i am knee deep with all kinds of artists and art and i love where i am i just dream of being able to do some of it myself. here is hoping to a dream come true. xoxox

  7. Oh, Kristen, your lesson for this course looks AMAZING!
    Congratulations on all of your wonderful artistic successes! <3

  8. My best dream ever happened in 3 stages. The first time I dreamed that I was making tiles in clay (having never touched clay in my life). I thought it was odd but since I'm an artist it was kind of cool. The second dream came a week later and was a much clearer message -- go make clay now! I thought that was strange since I never remember dreams! The third dream woke me up in the middle of the night with a voice saying "put your hands in clay". Wow. I got up that morning and started calling around to pottery places asking if they taught tile making. The third call was to Glen Echo Pottery and Jeff Kirk, the instructor said yes he teaches hand-building and to come on over. He just finished tiling the Amazonia building at the National Zoo! So off I went to sign up for a clay class. Five years later I was still there and every tile I made sold immediately. Met the best people, loved Glen Echo and fell in love with clay. Awesome, awesome dream -- we definitely need to listen to the universe!

  9. A recurring dream that I have had a number of times is one in which I am riding on a bus and my husband is driving. We go up and down several hills, and then approach a cliff. Suddenly he is not able to control the bus, and as it tips forward over the cliff, I can see the ground a hundred feet below us, waiting for us to fall and crash. But somehow, instead of free falling, the bus rides quickly down the vertical face of the cliff and then levels out, like a roller coaster. It's a miracle, and I don't understand how we have survived. Although I feel so scared and helpless every time I have this dream and we are about to go over the cliff, in the end we are always ok, somehow, despite all logic. And so what I originally viewed as a nightmare, has eventually come to mean that whatever twists and turns our life takes, though we can not always control what happens, somehow we are ok. I believe that this dream is a manifestation of my faith, gratitude, and strength during the difficult times of my life. I am not someone who remembers dreams very often, but I think that when you are able to explore your dreams, day or night ones, it is a powerful tool in finding yourself.

  10. I dream very vividly. The oddest dream I had was when I was very small. It involved Godzilla and a tap dancing mouse. I can still remember it in great detail to this day. I'm not sure what the meaning behind it was other than Godzilla represented something big and scary and the mouse was something that some people are afraid of but pales in comparison to what was trying to get me through my window.

    My biggest dream for myself is to buy a RV and live on the road full-time. I do a lot of traveling now but cannot wait to make it a larger part of my life.

  11. Kristen, my night dreams are vivid and very real. I dream often ~ good dreams and bad dreams. I daydream about having my own little gallery one day. It has been a dream of mine for many years. My son tells me it is never too late, so I will continue to dream of how happy I would be to spend my days in a studio/gallery I could call my own and invite the world in to create along with me.

  12. I dream of retiring from Corporate America to make a living creating art and fun, teaching techniques to others, and inspiring individuals to live their dreams.

  13. I loved seeing and reading this piece. I have been waiting for two years to feel my inspiration kick back in and I think it just did!!! so thank you!!!


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