Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Up Do

I wanted to share my latest painting. I have written before about how I find it amazing that what seems to come out on the canvas (or paper) really mirrors what we are feeling. At least I have found this to be true. And it is true here now. I painted this piece intuitively, just going with the flow. No real direction in mind but like so many times, just bits of imagery floating through my brain and it was as if as the images floated past I would reach out and grab one and bring it to the surface. Does that sound crazy? Sometimes, I admit, it feels a little frenetic and I marvel at how I work in fits and starts and the ebb and flow of it all. It is like a dance with an unseen partner. I am unsure of my steps but I follow along anyway....This piece is me, though not a self portrait. It is me because her face says all that I feel... scared but sure, tired but strong, wise but still a bit vulnerable. And the ideas! Oh the ideas piling up in her head! Yes. the painting is me, but the wonderful thing? It just may be you too...

'Up Do' 5 x7 Acrylic on Canvas

Sunday, November 6, 2011

just imagine!!!

Yes. Just Imagine what you can do when you persevere....
About 6 years ago, long before I ever went back to school to get my art degree  (and my husband was in school getting his Bachelors degree), I called him and asked him if they sold canvas at his school bookstore. When he said yes, I asked him to bring me home the biggest canvas they had. He promptly brought home a 30 x 60 canvas. I, for some reason, had the urge to paint. Now keep in mind, I had done a lot of illustration and crafts but never had I painted a thing! I had a small set of acrylic paints and some brushes but no clue what I was doing. I had no art space and we lived in a 900 square foot house. So I hung the blank canvas on our only wall that it would fit on and this is what I painted...

my painting in 2006

Then I got stuck. I changed my mind. I could not decide how to proceed. I didn't know what I was doing. I quit. I left it like this for over 5 years! When we moved to a bigger house, I took it with us and rehung it, in it's pathetic state, and left it unnoticed and unfinished. Various family members, at various times, would ask me when (or if) I was ever going to finish. I said I didn't know but I thought I would someday.
Then last year, we moved again. Back into a smaller place and I was going to ditch the painting. My sister said, "No." and she took the painting home and hung it on her wall in it's pathetic and unfinished state for another year.
Two weeks ago my sister was packing to move. She asked me if I wanted my painting back. I did not have the heart to toss it out. I knew I must take it and finally attempt to finish it. After all, I had more paints and brushes and a bit more technical skill....

So, I brought the painting home and hung it on the wall! It only took me a couple of days of looking at and then I knew I was going to finish. I took it down and worked on it for 3 days. I honestly don't know if I am 100% finished at this blog posting...I want to live with it for a few more days before I declare it complete. But it sure is a whole lot closer and I am very happy. Happy that I did not quit, (only took a long break)! Happy to finish what I started. Looking back on this whole process and what the last five years held, I see now that I REALLY wanted to paint!! Here is to perseverance!!

my painting today