Thursday, July 28, 2011

yellow house #12

Yellow House #12 is the name of my newest art demonstration video... I hope you will watch it when you have a spare 4 minutes! Thank you to Adam West for the great videography and editing. Fun music by Snooky Pryor! As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated :)

xo kp


  1. i am bedazzled at all your magic
    in creating an inspiring video like this
    & in knowing all these art materials
    & using them to create a dream home
    for all of us to melt into by the sea.
    i'd love to see a little recipe list
    alongside the video, listing the
    materials you showed us!
    just gorgeous, dear one! xox

  2. Gorgeous, I loved it and I love your 2 girls at the top too.

  3. I totally loved seeing your style unfold. It's always a pleasure to see others work.

    The videography is great, as is the music.

    Audrey especially liked seeing the house take shape. The flowers too.

    Thanks for sharing your work, Kristen! We just love it! This will surely go into our evening rotation, along with "the whale painting bideo"

    Lisa (and Audrey)

  4. Loved watching this! Wonderful work

  5. How wonderful. i just discovered your blog and i absolutely love it!
    have added you to my list of wonderful people to watch :) :)
    x sandra

  6. that was really fun to watch. your art is charming. Thank you for sharing the unfolding of this piece!

  7. That is so awesome! There's something about watching you go through the process that inspires creativity! I love it... and I love the end result. I'm gonna have my daughters watch this. They will love it too! xxoo


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