Monday, July 4, 2011

Kae Pea

Kae Pea. Say it phonetically, it is K.P. (short for, you guessed it, Kristen Powers!)
That is my new name. Or at least my new 'art name'. I have decided to go by this for various reasons, mostly because I want to streamline all of my online stuff and i like the way it looks visually. So from now on you will see my work signed like this:
I am excited by this new change and look forward to the next few months creating a new online presence. I hope you will check in with me to see the new work and projects I will be offering this year and into 2012!
In the meantime, I am also working and teaching at Wood Icing Gallery & Studio in the Chesterfield Mall. I work every Monday and one weekend per month. I will be teaching a whole lotta workshops both project and technique based. ALSO offering a FREE art demo every Monday afternoon! So PLEASE stop in and say hi and art around for a while!
hope to see you soon! xokp


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