Sunday, July 10, 2011

going abstract

I have been playing with watercolor. Again. Trying my hand at some abstracts. I, of course, love color and pattern and so I thought I would play simply with those two things without fretting over if an image looks the way "it should". I have been having a lot of fun and am hoping to turn these paintings into a line of fabric. Even if they don't end up on fabric, I still plan on framing them into a little series and selling them as a complete set...we will see. It takes time for things to get from the drawing board to the next stages, whatever the next stage(s) may be. Anyway I wanted to post them here and see what you all think!

hope your day is filled with color!


  1. Love these... you know, that lime green color... it's such a unifying color in the mix... I may need to play with that myself!

  2. i feel like i've gone into my freezer
    & popped open a lid of my favorite ice cream
    & looked in! delicious! beautiful!
    & how fun too as fabric!
    love! xox

  3. i love them all - the second one is my fav!
    they would make awesome fabric...

  4. these are great, like Melanie, I love the second one, but the last one is another favourite too - they willl look amazing on fabric :)

  5. i loooooove your abstracts! actually, i love everything you do.... and yup. they need to be on fabric.

  6. Love the abstract work! Such a happy blog!

  7. Oh, and thanks for displaying your artsee bloggers button!

  8. Beautiful! I love watercolors. The second would make such a great large canvas. The third reminds me of a moonlit walk.
    Wendy @ Living Creatively
    (boo!- I keep trying to sign in, but Google is in a bad mood tonight apparently.)

  9. Thanks so much for the link to your site. I LOVE the bright cheerful colors of your work. Will definitely be back!!!


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