Thursday, July 21, 2011

no place like...

It is true. There really is no place like home. I love being home more than anyplace else. It holds my family and my art studio and all that is dear to me. Don't get me wrong, I long to travel and I like to be out and about and do different 'out and about stuff'. But ultimately, home always feels so good. I like to paint houses and my houses, like my hair, always seem to come out colorful and happy. I painted a few of these rainbow row houses a while back and decided to revisit this little series. I made a postcard size one with the letters H O M E, well, because I thought it would be cute. And, by gosh, I was right! hope you think so too!


  1. I love these little houses. I feel the same way about being at home. It's where I am happiest :)


  2. what dear homes! your love of this place comes through! i could just hold them like dollies!
    xox! (&&&& love your header too!)

  3. You are sooo right!
    I love my little apartment, where I live with my little kitty.
    And I love your art work. These little houses are so sweet!!
    Thanks for the warm feeling that your thought and art work made me feel!!!

  4. it's a cutie!!!
    More than that, it speaks of joy. That's a peaceful way to go.
    LOVE the new header here. Why haven't I been back before??? Must do my rounds more frequently.
    I just love this blog!

  5. LOVE all the LOVE ! thank you so much for making my day...every day! xokp

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