Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Pressing Matter

Many moons have passed and turned to years, since I was here last. I say it quite often, but I just cannot believe how fast time goes by. I never meant to quit showing up here. My life has just taken so many crazy-busy, twists and turns that it seemed there is always another project between me and the next blog post.
You may or may not know my story or the events leading to the purchase of RubberMoon. If you want to know more, then go HERE to this post from 2012.  If you read some of the posts that followed, you will see how it all worked out. If you are a friend or follower of mine and/or RubberMoon, then you probably know that I am about to celebrate my three year anniversary as the owner and creative conjurer at RubberMoon Art Stamps!

...A little over three years ago I shared a big piece of my life story with you.  And YOU helped me to achieve something I barely thought was possible. But I had so much hope inside me. 
At that time, I had nothing but that hope. I reached out and asked for help and YOU helped me make my dream a reality. (SO thankful to all the people listed over here and many others too.)---> 

The financial contributions, encouragement, support, kindness and belief in me, made it possible for me to bring RubberMoon from Idaho to Missouri. 
My dream come true IS running RubberMoon Art Stamps, making and sharing art and creativity with others on a daily basis. My dream come true IS operating this as a family business, nurturing it and making it grow and thrive.
My dream come true IS making you all proud and happy to be a part of this magical story!
Shortly after I got the business moved, I said that my story “had a happy ending". But, of course, that was not true. It was not nearly an ending. It was only just the beginning.
Now, here I am almost three years in and RubberMoon is growing every day. And I am here, asking for your help once again. 
You see, RubberMoon IS growing and with growth, there are growing pains. And so, I am asking for your assistance once more to help me achieve another big goal.
I need a piece of equipment in order to continue to move the business forward. This piece of equipment is crucial to, not only growth, but everyday operations. RubberMoon cannot live without it. RubberMoon needs a new rubber press!
Me, Kae Pea, pressing rubber!
Now maybe you will ask why I cannot manage to get this press without help? Well, simply put, even though we are growing, we are still new and like almost every new business, growth does not equal cash for ‘extras’, nor does it mean capital to work with (darn it). We ARE growing, yes. But it does not mean that I have enough profits (if any) with which to make this large purchase. The press we need is approximately $4,000.00 and I need to raise about $2,000.00.
So, I am asking you to please contribute to my fundraiser and help me get a new press....
...Of course, I would not dream of asking you to give your hard earned money without receiving something in return for your generosity. 
Besides being the recipient of my enormous gratitude AND being part of RubberMoon's wonderful herstory you will also receive the following gifts for your contribution:

•A downloadable/digital limited edition art print from Kae Pea for any contribution up to $29.00

•A limited edition 5x7 art print mailed to you from Kae Pea for your $29 to $64 contribution

A handmade gratitude journal, by Kae Pea for your $65 to $99 contribution*

•Access to my newest online stamp-art class for your $100 to $199 contribution (class will begin in Jan. 2016)*

•An Original MOON painting by Kae Pea for your $199 and up contribution*

•Receive these *three of the above listed gifts for any contribution $350.00 or more

•ALL contributors will be listed on this blog with a link of choice (if you agree).

Please help me so that I can continue to make more stamps and take our business to the next level.
Thank you for your consideration, help and support.
I love you to the moon and back! xokp


P.S. If you do not wish to make a pledge in this way, but would still like to help me reach my goal, please shop at RubberMoon.com  and/or buy from The Moon & The Maker etsy shop and/or my yART SALE ! 
Every bit will help and is so appreciated.
Thank you from the bottom of my heART.

**Below is a photo of our 20 year old rubber press. It does still work, but the temperature gauge is broken, the lever falls off and it often loses pressure during pressing.  We really need a new press so we can increase production!

20 year old press
New press!!


  1. I have no immediate helpful response, other than total belief in you and RubberMoon and all who support the goodness you put into the world. Pulling my thinking cap on, per Barb's suggestion. Onward and upward. xoxo

    1. Your support means everything <3 I thank you for your belief in me. I am very grateful at all you have contributed to making RubberMoon what it has been and is today.

  2. I just need a few days to get paid for some more workshops and a donation is on it's way!

    1. Your support means the world to me. I hope you know how appreciative I am <3 xokp

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