Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sunny side up

The weather has been beautiful here the past couple of days. Could not ask for anything better than bright, warm, clear skies during the day and cool, crisp nights. Have had the a/c turned off, which is great! Anyway, I am thankful to have some nice weather and I hope it holds out a while. The one thing that makes me sad about summer's end is, the days get shorter....I want to savor Autumn. I hope it is beautiful wherever YOU are too.



  1. it is beautiful here too,
    & even more so, in this moment,
    with your darling sun shining on me.

  2. Yes, the sun is definitely staying a bit longer over here too, and i am making the most of it! beautiful illustration,
    xo sandra

  3. Beautiful artwork. Makes me happy to look at it:)


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