Thursday, September 8, 2011

Outdoor Kitty

This is a picture of the cat that has been visiting my backyard since early this summer. He was so scrawny and sad. He began to visit more and more often...and I , of course, began to feed him. He was (is) awfully skinny and dirty and for the longest time he would run away when he saw me coming. But slowly, slowly, he began to stick around and soon he was coming up to me wanting to be petted and scratched. Now he lives in my back yard all of the time and he waits for me to come and feed him and pet him. He meows constantly and circles my feet and wants to be loved and he wants to come inside....I cannot have him come in yet, as I have two other kitties to consider. I do not know if "O.K." (outdoor kitty) is sick and  I am sure he has fleas and who knows what else? I do know he has not been neutered. I desperately want to take him and have him fixed and checked out and cleaned up. And then I would be so thrilled to give him a loving, safe home. My problem is, that while I can get him neutered for almost free, the other needs will cost a bit of money that I do not I am starting a fund and trying to raise approximately $250.00. I am asking for YOUR donations! If you donate ANY amount, I will make you a 5x7 original painting! Any amount at all. If you can donate $1, $5, or $100 it does not matter. I have added a paypal donate button up at the left corner of this blog. Once you make your donation, just email me your mailing address and let me know if you are a dog or cat lover and I will paint you an original  watercolor painting!  It is win-win! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and so will my outdoor kitty :)



  1. You know dear Kristen I will help you & Kitty. He needs your magical love.

  2. I am sorry I have to post anonymous because my google password goesn't work?? Anyway You cat looks just like my Tom, who is an indoor-outdoor cat. I have about 15 to 20 cats outside that I feed and it's getting to be too much! But I have found out about a cat rescue that hopefully will take them! I do want to help you,it won't be much.I get my check next week so give me your address and I will do what I can! Thank you Donna Harris!

  3. Oh this sound a bit like a fairytale to me...
    always in for that! ( plus i’d love one of your beautiful original for my art studio!!) - (will you have paypal?)
    xo sandra

  4. Hey Kristen!
    If you email me your mailing address, I can send you flea meds (Advantage Multi) and a drontal dewormer. That way you can go ahead and get the fleas and worms taken care of.
    He just looks like the sweetest boy!! So glad he found you!!!! xoxo

  5. Hi Kristen, glad to hear from you and yes I will help you and if it cost for you to send a pic. you do not have to send me one. A chance to help a friend and "OK". I will send it through Paypal. Thanks for asking me and consider this a friendship across the miles. Let me know how OK (outdoor kitty) is getting along. Hugs to a rare and precious animal lover

  6. I JUST took in an abandoned kitten, it was sooo tiny! UNREAL that someone could drop off a kitten so small and have no conscience ... anyway, he's doing wonderful! I've deflead and deticked him, he's been to the vets for two rounds of his shots, one to go, and wormed. Now to find a GOOD home for him! Hopefully, they will get him neutered. Bless you for helping this guy!

  7. Thanks to Arty I have the most magnificent hedgehog.
    Kristen you are the best. I want to come meet Arty, maybe he will pawsign my painting----

  8. Hi
    how is the outdoor kitty - have you reached your target yet?


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