Saturday, January 1, 2011

State of Grace

My love for imagery of Mary came from my mom. She had many statues and pictures of her, even though we were not Catholic. I don't think you have to be of any religious affiliation to love and appreciate her beauty. I now have many of the pieces that belonged to my mom. I love and cherish each one and find comfort in having them in my home and especially in my work space. I decided I would paint Mary in my own way. My first attempt was okay but it was not really what I was after. So, I re-worked it until I was satisfied. Here is both versions...
1st version 
I am happier with my re-worked version. I feel it is more "me" and is also closer to what I imagined in my mind as I began. It is 6 x 12 mixed media collage and acrylic on canvas.

Happy New Year. I hope that it is filled with Grace.
artfully yours,


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