Tuesday, January 18, 2011

pieces of me

I have decided on a theme for my show.  Patchwork.  This word, this concept,  has a lot of meaning for me. It goes back to the 1970's, my mom and dad had a band - a rock/top 40 musical group. They played the Northern California nightclubs and were somewhat of a local hit. My mom managed the group and my dad was the guitar player. She named them Patchwork Music Company.  I was just a little kid but I remember them rehearsing and jamming in our living room and my mom pouring her blood, sweat and tears into that band. Many years later, she wrote a poem for me that my dad read at my wedding. I don't have a copy of it here now, but it was about how life is a patchwork and we are pieces that come together to make a whole, how sometimes we are torn and mended again, and how the patterns of our lives our intertwined to make something comforting and beautiful. The idea of the patchwork, not only, suits my artwork and style, it honors my mom and her memory. I know she has been with me all through this journey, helping me to piece it all together....
first painting for my senior show


  1. evidence here shows
    your pieces
    i love your patchwork painting
    & your every single word.


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