Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good Cheer

Hello! I hope you all did not think I fell off the face of the earth. I didn't! I was just SO super-duper busy with finals and trying to get the semester wrapped up that I had no time to really create and blog. But I am officially finished with my 'junior' year!!! And now, I will be here devoted to making  and sharing and posting!!
I spent the day working on a new collection of images I am getting ready to color them all and make some things to share with you . I call am calling my new collection "good cheer" !  Here is a sneak peak...

These are just a couple of the new designs... check back tomorrow to see the rest of the collection and to see what fun I have had using them!
x's & o's


  1. Really sweet and fun designs, KP...hope you got my message...sorry I missed your IM : (

  2. great design, and fab sentiment; I completely forgot it was Monday on monday so please don't think I forgot you, just forgot where I was in the week lol Like you, things are quieter for me after this weekend so will be able to focus xx


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