Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lately I have been experimenting a lot. Maybe it's because of school that I have gotten into such an experimental phase. I guess that being exposed to many different techniques, styles and mediums has sort of given me a new perspective and the opportunity to try different things. Years ago, I used to make cards a lot. In fact, I thought of myself as a pretty decent card artist. I mean, I have designed stamp images for years, but this fact does not mean that one is automatically a good card-maker. And lately I find that I am sort of struggling with the making of cards. I have tons of ideas and inspiration but I am just not sure which direction I want to go. So I find myself doodling a lot.....this is one of my 'doodles' that sort of came out and I just went with it. I am not really sure it is even a card, although I am sure it could easily be one...I think I would either frame it or turn it into a wall hanging or journal cover....
What do YOU think?
doodling with watercolor paints!
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  1. Really pretty card, Kristen! You make it look effortless...seriously : )

  2. Either, or--it doesn't matter--it's a great piece of art!

  3. frame it!! too cute to be a card - it's gotta have a frame around it ;-)

  4. Would make the card a gift in's so cute!


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