Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am a WIP

I am a Work in Progress. Self Portrait. watercolor on Arches paper 12 x 12

I don’t have some hidden meaning for why
I make art.
I just do.
I don’t have any secret messages in my art.
My message is clear.
There is no great angst in my work.
The world is filled with enough angst.
My heart and head are full of love and hope.
If my art is cute and light and fun,
So be it.
You need not call my work art.
What you call it does not diminish me
as an artist.
All I know is that, when I sit down to create,
I am like a vessel that never runs dry,
I am filled with optimism and
the light of a billion stars.
If those feelings show up in my work,
well, I do the Universe honor if it does.
                                               -kae pea 2012


  1. watercolor is much kinder to you than it is to me. looks WONDERFUL


    1. Amy! Wow thanks! It's so cool that you stopped by! xo

  2. i like your art but im new, can you help me subscribe, follow, friend what ever it is blogger does?

    1. :) thank you so much! just click on the side where it says "join this site" also find me on facebook if you want to :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kae-Pea/312808922079369?ref=hl

  3. I love these words! I'm going to print them out and put them up in my studio (that is, when I get a proper studio!)

    Thanks for making YOUR art, in all its unabashedly joyful, hopeful, heartful glory. I'm happy to have discovered you!


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