Sunday, May 22, 2011

The end and new beginnings...

Okay, so I finished school and now what? A lot of people ask, "What are you going to do now?" Well, I am pretty much going to be doing what I have been doing all along, minus the going to classes part! I am so very excited about all the things I finally hope to put all together! I have wanted to focus on my blog and on-line business and start to do some shows and teach workshops again and I finally feel that I am going to be able to start tackling some of those projects! My head is just full of ideas and i have made about 100 lists!! All of these things take time so I hope you will check in every now and then to see my progress and give me your input. As always, I thank you form the bottom of my art!

*i leave you with this watercolor illustration i available as a print on Etsy!


  1. love love this! and good for you on being able to do what you want!
    hugs to you, dearest friend!

  2. I love this piece so much! And it's funny because your words sound like my words these days. I'm kind of in the same place in my life with the "what happens next" question. I wish you tons of success. You are so talented that I'm sure you will do great. Keep doing what you love!! I look forward to seeing your future posts.

  3. i love this like crazy.
    & i hold your hand.

  4. Wow this is so cool. I think I will follow the manifesto, although in many ways feel I already do :) I wouldn't worry about those people who seem to think that after school there is some next step.. life just happens there is no true structure and no need for it to be simply a recipe which you follow. School may be a major part of life but following the conventional path and getting a career etc isn't that important in the scheme of things! That's not what living is about :)

  5. Hi, i hoppe you speak some spanish¡¡¡
    Hola, navegando por la red encontré tu blog y pareció muy singular.

    En particular la pintura que ilustra este post es bastante buena,pintas bastante bien.

    Espero que las ideas que tienes las puedas llevar a cabo, no te deseo suerte, te deseo éxito.


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