Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ode to Gustav

Gustave Klimt is definitely one of my all time favorite artists. His use of pattern and color and the way he incorporated both elements with figure and form, is just incredible and, I believe, visionary. I have spent a lot of time studying him. I recently did a critical thought paper on one of his works and fell in love with his art even more. Anyway, I painted my newest watercolor while studying his painting  Adele Bloch-Bauer I.
Here is my Ode to Gustave....
thank you from the bottom of my art,


  1. This is wonderful. I like it very much.

  2. This is wonderful. You have done great honor to Klimt.....

  3. This is fantastic.
    I am so glad I found your blog... love it.


  4. kristen,
    this is STUNNING.
    loooove it! xoxox

  5. Hi Kristen, you are one awesome artist! Janna

  6. Oh my...Kristen, this is LOVELY...that's teh way you do it-you study the old masters to learn techniques. I need to start doing that , too. Fantastic job, it's just beautiful.

  7. Oh, it's wonderful, Kristen! Your palette is delightfully clear and echoes his quite well enough that we thought at first you had found a different work of his we'd not seen before. I'm not kidding.
    And we agree with you. His genius should be remembered.
    I can recall finding instructions in a decoupage how-to book that included his "Kiss" (or was it the Water Snakes?) for the whole of a dresser front (no handles to drawers). It looked stunning!
    Best would be to see it in a museum, but to have it on display large as life 24/7 might be a thrill.
    I'm still waiting for that dresser........
    ;) Rose

  8. Hi Kristen!
    I just ran across your blog and I really love it! And I absolutely LOVE this piece. Klimt is one of my favorite artists and I think this is beautiful! I look forward to your future posts!


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