Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day

We have had a couple of snow days here. Staying in and keeping warm. The kids are loving it, they get to play on their computers and stay in pajamas all day! I worked on the small commission below and felt a bit guilty because that's pretty much all I got done, besides the two naps I took! I really should not be taking any days off at all, as I have a show to get ready for! I am going to start my next two pieces today.
Here is the commission is 5 x7 acrylic on canvas. I hope she likes it!
 thank you from the bottom of my art.


  1. breath-taking...
    i can feel
    the whoosh
    of these

  2. Hi Kristen... okay first... a comment from rachel awes seen above is like being handed a sparkler cause she's the bomb!
    Second.. so glad I found you through the blog "The Time to be Happy" is now. You're works is just so lovely! Looking forward to following you!

  3. Thanks you so much for your lovely comments. thank you, thank you for taking time to write...


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