Sunday, February 27, 2011

pink flowers for Lea Ann...

I did not paint this one for my show. I, with much sadness, painted it for a lady I barely knew. Her name was Lea Ann. She was the mother of my daughter's very close friend and college room-mate. I did not know Lea Ann well but I was (am) affected very deeply by her passing. I do know her daughter pretty well, but the rest of her family, I only met once at the girl's graduation. I spoke with Lea Ann a few times on the phone and when I finally met her she was such a lovely, warm person. She was the type of person that made you feel like you had been friends for years. I think her death affects me so much because it makes me realize just how unfair and random life is. How can someone so caring, warm and dedicated to her family be taken away at such a young age with so much left to live for? It breaks my heart for her daughters who are just 21 and 23. They are the same age as my oldest daughter. I think about my daughter and I think what it would be like for her to lose me now?  I was 37 when my mom passed away and I feel she was too young and I was still too young to lose my mother. She was and I was. It is just so sad.
I am sorry to post my sad thoughts, but then, it is a part of life. I painted this in memory of Lea Ann, for her family, because I was told that she loved pink flowers. After I painted it I realized just how much losing someone directly affects art. I never really thought about it before, but I realize now how much I paint for my mom and dad. And then I thought, think of all the songs that are written and sung and all of the movies and books written in memory of loved ones....
Death, sadly, for those of us living, is hard and painful. But the love that they gave us, the lessons they taught us and the memories we keep are an inspiration.
This is with much love and prayers for Lea Ann and her entire family. Peace on her journey...


  1. Oh, how lovely! Just love your palette. Gorgeous!
    Rose & Friends

  2. so beautiful and such a lovely tribute. I know she is smiling at the way you have remembered her through your art. :) you are a special person indeed!


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