Sunday, December 19, 2010

not what I 'should' be doing part II

If you saw my post from a couple of weeks ago (November 28th to be exact!) Then you saw the painting I have been working on since this past summer. I am not sure if "working" is the right way of putting it, exactly....LOL because, in reality, I only started it and then never touched it again for months. Life just got in the way and it seemed that the little elfin-fairy-girl-on-the-mushroom, was destined to go unfinished. But then something struck me one day (November 28th to be exact!) and I had the urge to work on it even though I had about a hundred other things that I "should" have been doing! Alas, the urge won out and my cast aside painting began to take shape. I am not sure why I stopped again, but I did and she, for a second time, did not get finished. Tonight I just kept looking at her and thinking about what she was thinking as she sat there with that sad and contemplative look. She was waiting. I knew that. But waiting for what? Then I had it and she had to be finished! And here she is...

6 x12 mixed media on canvas

x's & o's


  1. I absolutely love it. I just love you work

  2. I love how you finished it ; ) Can't tell you how many half finished pieces I have down in my studio that I went ADD on. Love your blog!


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