Wednesday, December 1, 2010

match box artist

I made this from a match box, matches, clay, paint and some other stuff too. Made it for my mixed media class. We were pretty much given the 'go ahead' to do whatever we wanted, with whatever medium(s) we wanted to work with. I have been working on some "found object sculptures". I sorta just came up with these match box 'dolls' and thought they were fun, and yes (gasp) cute. Cute is a 4 letter word in art school. We are supposed to get hurt feelings or be offended if someone calls your work (gasp) cute. My mixed-media teacher told me today this piece is "too crafty" for him. Someone else said it was "cute" and then said, "Oh I didn't mean cute"....

I guess maybe I should be upset. Maybe I am not a 'real artist' because I make cute stuff? I don't know.
It doesn't matter because I am not upset or offended. I am happy. I like things that are cute. Babies and kittens and puppies are cute. And I like babies and kittens and puppies. And I like this little match box artist that I made too. It is cute. Please don't confuse cute with easy though. This little darling took me a good 8 hours or more to make. Each piece of hair is a cut piece of paper and individually placed on her head. Her head and feet are sculpted from clay and her head is attached so that it is completely movable. Each paint tube and miniature pencil is hand crafted and painted. Oh no, cute does not equal fast or easy.
Anyway, maybe I will not get an "A" on my little sculpture but it is okay because darn it, it is really cute!


  1. Thank you Two-Elle! It your comment means a lot to me. xo

  2. I think it's very cute and that is not a bad thing. As for your putz teacher, if he doesn't have anything in The Louvre then he should keep his opinions to himself!

  3. this is absolutely darling! i love the quarter you tossed in the picture for a scale of reference. i think your stuff is awesome. art on!

  4. Hi there! Greetings from Iowa! I'm very happy to find your lovely blog, and your uplifting artwork! You go girl! Will be back again soon!

  5. To me? Art is just making stuff. That is why I love it, art is whatever you want it to be!! I personally fancy your little character.

    Merry Christmas and much love!


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