Saturday, March 10, 2012

pARTY on!

the bee holder 6 x 6 mixed media on clay board © kae pea 2012

I had heard of Paint Party Friday. My friend, artist Mary Nasser, told me about it. I am also fb friends with co-host  Kristin Dudish and quite a few of the weekly participants. But, still I drug my feet about getting involved. You know how it is. So many commitments and time constraints....but then I could not stand it as I began to see all of the wonderful art and creativity being shared! I just decided to jump in on the very last day of the first year! (Leave it to me!) Anyway, I want to share here my latest painting with you. It is very different for me and was brought about by my recent 24 hour painting jam session. I feel my artistic voice becoming clearer and stronger and my vision about my art truly beginning to emerge. I am very excited by this and hope you will continue to check back in to see where this leads! Like, every Friday maybe? 

live artfully,


  1. Kristen, I'm definitely going to check out the Paint Party Fridays. Thasnks for letting us know.

    I have to say I am completely blown away by and in love with the pieces that were inspired by your 24 hour marathon. Your style is so much fun and it just shines.

    Thank you for be brave enough to do this!


  2. I love this piece! She is so quirky and the bees are such a great addition. Welcome to the party! Happy PPF!

  3. you are definitely a shining star!

  4. She's super fun. How wonderful to feel your vision emerging. Looking forward to seeing you every Friday! happy PPF!

  5. So glad you are joining Paint Party Friday!!
    You know I love this piece...the wonderful cool color palette and the idea of a rebus in the form of the painting!
    You have so much talent to contribute to the party.
    It is a great motivation and always inspiring!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Kristin I feel that I can see your art vision becoming clearer and more distinct, just in the short time I have been following your progress! It is genuinely exciting, and I love your Bee-heart picture.

  7. Welcome to Paint Party Friday! It is great to have you join us!!

    What a great painting - especially with that one eye closed - almost like "I want to love you bees - but I'm really not sure...."

    Bee-holder... love it!

  8. i am in LOVE with your BEE HOLDER...SO SPECIAL!!!

  9. welcome! i LOVE your painting!! such fun hair!!! happy PPF!

  10. I absolutely LOVE this painting. So inspiring..and such happy fun!!!

  11. That is wonderful! Whimsical and happy....and so true! So glad you joined the party!!

  12. The Bee Holder and Precious Little Monster are my faves from this very productive week of yours : )

  13. sooo cute and funny ! it make me smile and happy

  14. Welcome to PPF

    Gotta luv a gal like "Bee Holder"...... She definitely has a sense of style and originality to boot.This is pure whimsy....luv it!

    Annabelle ; )

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  16. Oh my, this is the coolest thing ever, made me smile big time, I LOVE it!!!! Deb

  17. This is awesome! The theme, the colors and the happiness is brought me!
    I love your work -
    Nice to find you through PPF!

  18. Wheeee!!! Welcome to the party! I'm so glad you decided to join in the fun!
    I am really, REALLY loving the direction your work is heading (and I've always been a sucker for a play on words)!


  19. Oh Kristen, I love your post! You busy bee.
    It's so great to see that inspite of lack of time, you are going through such a development, growth and wonderful progress. Your artwork is gorgeous and has so much character. Hurray!
    And one more hurray because I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Find out more about it:

  20. Sorry, what was that??

    that's what I meant ;)

  21. oh I adore this piece. I have been following you on fb and just love everything you do!

  22. I like what you 've done here! I'll be back.


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