Thursday, December 15, 2011


"Thought-Full" by, me, Kae Pea 2011

I think I painted these ladies (Thought-Full and from my last post, Up-Do) because my head is SO VERY FULL of ideas. Sometimes I feel I may burst at the seams! Honestly, I do believe my brain, my heart and soul are brimming over with color and imagery and thoughts of all that I hope to create....
The same goes for here on my blog. Sometimes I have so much I want to share that I often share nothing because I don't know where to begin! But I can no longer hold back.  I  really feel and see changes in my work and feel a shift in my attitude about my art and my business. Little things, little steps. I liken it to watching my children grow....sometimes the changes are subtle, almost imperceivable and then all of a sudden they are taller than you! Well, my art and my work is not yet 'taller than me', however, I can feel it beginning to take real shape and I am gaining my footing. It is an exhilarating time and I am very happy to be able to share these moments with you.
Right now I am working on a new series of paintings, I am getting ready for a little Holiday show at 6 North Cafe, I have been sprucing up my Etsy shop, I am loving working and showing at Wood Icing, I am ecstatic to announce my first stencil design through Stencil Girl Products and to say I have now been published for the first time in Sprout Magazine! Whew! Amazing and I know in my heart of hearts that this is just the tip of the iceberg! I have just begun to put my intentions out into the Universe and be bold and brave enough to speak my hopes and dreams aloud. I am amazed, it not only feels great but it is working!!
As always, I thank you from the bottom of my heART for looking at my art and reading my words.


  1. Congratulation on..everything Kirsten! it’s fabulous to wrap up the year!
    hope you are enjoying this magic time fo the year,
    xo sandra

  2. Such excitement in your post...the energy is coming forth from my computer screen. Happy for you! And I love your colorful beauty "Thought Full". She has a 1920's face with a 21st century palette...very wonderful!

  3. Wonderful, and blessings on your life Kristen.

  4. this looks sooo magical!! love this effect of gravity and facility at the same time :-))

  5. Such beauty spilling out of you! Thank you so much for sharing a piece of it with me and Sprout. It was a joy to meet you and to share your artwork. Can't wait to see what you're up to in 2012!

  6. Your joy, creativity and passion are contagious!

  7. Busy..busy...such a thrill to observe and watch and see you change and grow. Exciting news!

  8. Wow!...Your daughter born 22nd too!...Can you tell me 22nd traits please?...
    I love this post so positive and exciting...I wish I could really know what I want to do to progress with my art as a business, (just making some money to buy materials would be a good start), it seems everyone is Etsying, offering workshops, (more online every day), and art exhibitions. I feel I have nothing NEW to offer....It seems easier to just do it for me, and I guess I would really love to have another art exhibition one day, so maybe I am working toward that.
    Have a lovely Xmas day....julia

  9. you are on creative fire, and i love it.

  10. Oh, I LOVED reading this post, Kristen, and I love seeing what you're up to, here and on FB! You definitely are on a roll and it's cool to watch :) You're inspiring, totally, and I can't wait to see what the New Year brings you :) Keep it up, you're rocking!! xx

  11. Kristen, she is so pretty and "Thoughtful" is such a good title. Thanks for following on my blog and commenting there. I really appreciate it.
    Blessings on your New Year,

    Coleen in Ukraine


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