Saturday, August 20, 2011

someone else's shoes...

                                                   if you could walk a mile in my shoes
                                                   and i could walk in yours
                                                   then you would probably smile at me
                                                   and I would smile at you too
                                                   instead of whispering behind each others back
                                                   if you could walk in my shoes
                                                   and i walked a mile in yours
                                                   maybe you would help me up
                                                   instead of pushing me down
                                                   and i would hold my hand out to you
                                                   to grasp you when you fall
                                                   instead of watching you go to the ground
                                                   if i walked a mile in your shoes
                                                   and you could walk in mine
                                                   possibly we could walk a mile together
                                                   and talk about things

                                                                                                                                                                                      poem & art © kristen powers 2011


  1. Kristen, this is an all time favourite post for me;
    i love the words somehow they really resonate with the essence of love and friendship...
    But your artwork; the ballerina shoes, tuck to the side of your art paper,somewhat shy and yet so bold, the colours working together beautifully... the composition is simple and yet... i really love this.
    xa sandra

  2. Oh friend! I love this illustration and the beautiful poem. What a lovely sentiment. thank you for sharing.

  3. isn't that the truth!
    where can i find a pair?
    LOVE. xox

  4. ohmygoshilovethis!!!!
    beautiful poem and painting - two of my favorite things in one place. LOVE.
    I also love your new header image... gorgeous!

  5. This is so beautiful!! Love the poem and accompanying artwork. So filled with love and inspiration.


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